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Australia has fallen short of having a fencer at Rio 2016, after no male or female qualified at the last chance tournament in Quixi, China in April.

Competition Format & Events

The 10 fencing events (six individual and four team) at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games will be the individual foil, epée and sabre. The men contest team events in foil and epée. The women contest team events in sabre and foil.

Competition is run in a knockout format with players and teams progressing through the draw until the finals, where medals are decided.

In the individual competition, bouts last for three rounds of three minutes each, or until one fencer has scored 15 hits against their opponent. In the team competition, teams of three fencers compete against their opponents in nine bouts, aiming to accumulate a maximum of 45 hits.

Foil, epée and sabre are the three weapons used in the sport of fencing. The target areas, as well as the blade, differ for the three weapons. The fencer tries to score the total hits needed to win, while at the same time trying to avoid being hit by the opponent. Fencers are connected to an electronic scoring system that indicates if a hit has occurred. Bouts are held on a 14 metre by 1.5 metre piste (platform).

If at the end of a bout two athletes are tied, both the individual and team competitions athletes fence for a further one minute, with one of the athletes randomly assigned ‘priority’. The first to score a hit is the winner, but if no hits are made during this time, the ‘priority’ athlete wins the bout.

Australia and Olympic Fencing

Australia has not yet won a fencing medal at the Olympics. The best-placed athlete has been Greg Benko, who finished sixth in the individual foil in Montreal 1976. More recently, the men's epée team placed eighth in Sydney 2000 and Evelyn Halls finished 12th in women's epée in Athens 2004. Ivan Lund, a four-time Olympic fencer, carried the Australian flag at the Opening Ceremony in Tokyo 1964. Australia did not have a representative in fencing at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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Did you know

  • The epée is the heaviest weapon and a true duelling sword. The foil is a light weapon derived from the court sword while the sabre is derived from the cavalry sword. 
  • In epée the whole body is a target and opposing fencers can score simultaneous hits by landing their points at the same time. The target area in foil bouts is the opponent’s torso. In sabre fencers may score hits with the edge and the tip of the blade on a target area limited to anywhere above the waist.
  • A fencer must master the lunge, parry and riposte if they are to succeed at the highest level. The lunge refers to the movement of extending your leading foot quickly in order to attack. A parry is a defensive move used to block your opponent’s blade. A riposte refers to scoring a hit after one has successfully executed a parry. 

Pre-Rio AUS Tally

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