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Let's go, let's go to Rio | Elise's blog 13 May 2016 (AEDT) | Elise Kellond-Knight

We did it. The Matildas have booked their ticket to Rio! It was gruelling, it was emotional, it was physical, it was tactical and it was inspiring.


Chinese test | Elise's Blog 6 November 2015 (AEDT) | Elise Kellond-Knight

What an action packed ten weeks it has been since I first wrote to you.


Scotland to Seoul | Jackson's blog 22 September 2015 (AEDT) | (incomplete)

Jackson Irvine coming to you from Inverness where summer, or what people here still try to convince me is summer, is well and truly coming to a close and the season is now in full swing.


KK keen on Rio success | Elise's Blog 25 August 2015 (AEDT) | Elise Kellond-Knight

My name is KK (Elise Kellond-Knight) and I’m proud to call myself a Matilda.


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From the highlands to Rio | Jackson's Blog 4 August 2015 (AEDT) | (incomplete)

Over the coming months, I’m going to be sharing my experiences as an Australian athlete training to qualify and compete at the Olympic Games in Rio next year. This is an introduction into the various elements that play a part in that process.