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Rio roller coaster ride | Amanda's Blog 17 August 2016 (AEDT) | Grant Nel


Team work makes the dream work | Amanda's Blog 8 August 2016 (AEDT) | Grant Nel

In any individual sport, the athlete stands alone at the start line. They appear as if it is only them up there about to compete but in reality there are a number of people who have helped to get them to that point.


The dream became a reality | Amanda's Blog 5 August 2016 (AEDT) | Grant Nel

This has been a dream of his since he was a kid and this dream has taken almost 20 years to become a reality.


On our way to Rio | Denise's blog 2 August 2016 (AEDT) | Domonic Bedggood

I am Denise or known as Dom’s Mum in the gymnastics and diving worlds.


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Flip, Twist, Dive! | Grant's Blog 4 August 2015 (AEDT) | Grant Nel

So imagine yourself doing 4 steps into a jump, followed by 2 somersaults in the Pike position, kicking out, adding 2 twists, then diving head first into the water. All of this in a matter of seconds. This is the first of 6 dives I will be doing as I start my individual competition at the FINA World Championships here in Kazan, Russia.