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Bursting with pride | Sue's blog 1 September 2016 (AEDT) | Ryan Gregson

The Rio Olympic Games have drawn to a close, but we feel so lucky to have been able to witness some amazing results from Ryan and his girlfriend Genevieve LaCaze.


A Gregson family affair | Sue's Blog 2 August 2016 (AEDT) | Ryan Gregson

The Olympic Games are drawing near and I am starting to get pretty excited to see my son Ryan and his partner Genevieve (Gen) LaCaze compete in their respective athletics events.


Back and ready to compete | Kelsey's blog 30 June 2016 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

I am now back throwing from a full approach and ready to compete.


Using what you can | Scott's Blog 3 June 2016 (AEDT) | Scott Westcott

Marathon runner and Rio Team member Scott Westcott shares his favourite training sessions with only 80 days until his race at the Games.


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Ticket booked to Rio I Kelsey's Blog 18 April 2016 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

Selection starts to sink in as Kelsey uses mental imagery to help with injury recovery and fighting for a medal in Rio.


Canberra Track Classic recap | Kelsey-Lee's blog 10 March 2016 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

A couple of weeks have passed since the Canberra Track Classic and it gives me a chance to reflect on the event.


Consistency the key in February | Kelsey-Lee's blog 2 February 2016 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

February is here, which means the Australian Athletics Tour meets have just begun


Need to stay strong during 'Jolly Season' I Kelsey's Blog 23 December 2015 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

The festive season is in full swing, Christmas is here already and 2016 will be upon us in no time!


Interactive Venue Maps

The Olympics will be spread across four distinct clusters. See where all venues and tourist attractions are.


Life of speed | Steven's blog 9 December 2015 (AEDT) | Steven Solomon

Speed has always been in my life. From my premature birth to my Olympic Final, I have always had a knack for speed.


A week in my life preparing for 2016 | Kelsey's Video Blog 3 December 2015 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

I have put together a training video to show you what a week in my life looks like when I’m in a general prep phase of training.


World Championships | Kelsey's Blog 24 September 2015 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

Although the final outcome of my performance wasn’t what I had aimed for, there were still so many pluses to my Beijing 2015 experience.


Ready to javelin in the Bird's Nest | Kelsey-Lee's Blog 19 August 2015 (AEDT) | Kelsey-Lee Roberts

I am proud to say that competing at the Worlds in Beijing will be my second Australian team.