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Published 9 August 2016 (AEDT) | Author April Burnett

For the first eighteen years of my life it was just my sister and I against the world

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And then along came Jordan…

August 2013 saw a change in the aesthetic of my relationship with Alyce. A large chunk of our sister-sister time was corrupted with the introduction of a complete outsider. But it didn’t take long until he seamlessly integrated into the dynamics of the Burnett family (sometimes I think that he fits into my family more than I do).

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With Jordan [Wood] also being a kayaker, I know that Alyce is receiving the support she needs when she is competing overseas. This is reassuring as I am extremely protective of my sister. Although her tough exterior and shredded abdominal region tells a different story - Alyce is very sensitive. For example, I still believe that the 2010 Queensland floods were actually caused by the tears she shed after I told her that she looked fat in her favourite jeans. This sibling rivalry has most definitely made her a stronger person as I could probably be accountable for most of the anger that she lets out during training.

It is very obvious that the relationship between Alyce and Jordan has been a vital part of the pairs success. With this Rio romance, I get the opportunity to not only watch my sister race, but I’ll also be cheerleading for Jordan as well.

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The sprint kayaking schedule will be kicking off on the 15th of August. Alyce will be competing in the K2 500m with Alyssa Bull, while Jordan will be racing both the K2 200m with Daniel Bowker and K4 1000m with Riley Fitzsimmons, Jacob Clear and Ken Wallace. You’ll be sure to see me in the bleachers with my eyeballs fixed on the water to watch Alyce and 12 of her fellow kayaking team mates.

Before the seriousness starts, I will be over in Rio celebrating Alyce’s birthday with her for the second time in 10 years. But don't worry… I'll be eating her portion of the cake.

<h5>Alyce Burnett</h5>
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Alyce Burnett

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Jordan Wood

Canoe/Kayak - Sprint

Canoe/Kayak - Sprint

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