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Published 15 July 2016 (AEDT) | Author Bianca Hammett

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It's official!

What an amazing week our team has just had. Saturday morning our team was officially announced. Then we were special guests at the WA Premier's Olympic Dinner where we were acknowledged as a part of the Australian Olympic Team.

We were presented with our very own Australian Flag that we will be sure to take to the Games to cheer on our fellow Aussies.

Then Sunday morning, we had the excitement of being presented our Qantas boarding passes by Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller. It was in that moment that it really sunk in that we have made the Olympic Team and are going to Rio!

I am extremely excited and proud to be able to now share with the world who is on our Olympic Synchro Team. I would like to acknowledge our team: Hannah Cross, Danielle Kettlewell, Nikita Pablo, Emily Rogers, Cristina Sheehan, Amber- Rose Stackpole, Amie Thompson, Deborah Tsai and myself.

Together with our head coach Lilianne Grenier and team leader Mary Andreotta we will be heading to Rio to represent Australia at the 2016 Olympic Games!!

Rowing pictogram

Congratulations to my teammates past and present. Although only nine of us could make the Olympic Team, it was the squad of 12 that qualified Australia its place in the Games. It has been all of our hard work and dedication that has gotten us to this point. Now it's time to show the world what we can do at Rio.

Our team has been busy preparing for Rio. In May, we headed to Tokyo for the Japan Open, and we have just flown back from Alicante, Spain where we competed in the Spanish Open.

In a judged sport like synchro, it is important to get international exposure and show the world where we're at and what we've been up to.

The sport of synchro is continually changing and different countries are always pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible. It's always exciting seeing new routines for the first time and thinking, 'how did they do that' and 'wow'!

Everyone is always learning from each other and sharing their new found knowledge of what works and what is possible.

Synchro has come a long way from back in the day when it was referred to as 'water ballet'. In this modern world, synchro has become synonymous with strength, unity and resilience.

It is a sport that requires different aspects associated with several sports all wrapped into one. Skills and qualities such as flexibility, stamina, endurance, fitness, coordination, teamwork, musicality, strength, dedication, creativity, trust and respect.

At our last camp we were lucky enough to be joined by two-time Olympic Team assistant coache from Spain, Bet Fernandez. She joined us at our training camp at the AIS to help with our highlights and share some of her synchro knowledge with us.

Highlights are the most exciting part of our routines from an audience perspective. It's when the team comes together to propel one athlete into the air while she performs an acrobatic move. It's like the divers off springboards, but in our case - the rest of the team is the springboard.

Bet brought along her Walticam, a waterline camera that films above and below the surface of the water at the same time. Although judges only see what's happening above the surface, it is interesting to see what it looks like underwater. If you correct and neaten what's happening underneath the surface, it makes the end result above water much cleaner, sharper and higher.

Bet taught our team so much in the week we had with her and we are so thankful for her time and continued support.

The team is about to head to Canberra once again, but this time for our final training camp in the country before we fly to Rio.

We're on the home stretch now. Rio 2016 here we come!


<h5>Synchronised swimming Team 2016</h5>
<p>Synchronised swimming Team 2016</p>
&copy; Synchronised Swimming Australia Bianca Hammett

Bianca Hammett

<h5>2016 Synchronised Swimming team</h5>
<p>2016 Synchronised Swimming team</p>
&copy; Synchronised Swimming Australia Synchronised Swimming

Synchronised Swimming

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