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Published 5 August 2016 (AEDT) | Author Rosannah Snelson

Rosannah Snelson - girlfriend of Cameron Girdlestone (rowing)

It's about a week until I'll be in the stands at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in Rio de Janeiro, watching the Australian Men's Quadruple Sculls come down the course.

While I'm squinting (through the tears) and shaking (as my heart pounds) following the four boys in green and gold, I’ll be focussing on one in particular – Cameron Girdlestone, my boyfriend of six years. I'll watch him take every stroke, like I've done countless times before, and scream "Go Australia!" at the top of my voice.

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This will be Cam's first time competing at the Olympic Games, his dream since taking his first stroke at age 14. It will be my second time as a spectator, but no doubt a different experience to being a nine-year-old at the Sydney Games in 2000.

It's been 74 days since Cam’s friends and family, as well as myself, saw him (but who's counting?). So it goes without saying that I am beyond excited to get on that plane to Rio. I’ve already packed my green and gold clothes and zinc, and have bought enough Australian flag items for the entire Australian team.

I've never been to Brazil so am looking forward to exploring Rio de Janeiro and soaking up the atmosphere and culture – “pra caramba!”

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Since waving farewell at Sydney airport, Cam has been based at the Australian Institute of Sport's European Training Centre in Italy… I’ve been doing significantly less exciting things in Sydney! While in Europe, the Australian rowing crews have competed at two Rowing World Cups, one in Switzerland and the other in Poland. The quad took out gold at both regattas and claimed the title of World Cup Series Winner.

Watching both finals live from my computer screen in chilly Sydney, while not the same as being there, still filled me with butterflies and pride. I’ll never forget the memory of Cam standing on the podium with his gold medal, waving right down the camera. But of course I wish I could have been there.

Thankfully with technology, Cam and I have spoken every day that he’s been away and I feel like I’m on my very own #RoadtoRio (minus the European scenery and gruelling training)! I feel so privileged to be included on this exciting adventure. This year has been exceptional and has produced opportunities (like writing this blog!) that we’ll never forget.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little bit. I look forward to sharing more experiences in the coming weeks.

Cameron Girdlestone

Cameron Girdlestone

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