<h5>Milly Clark action shot</h5>
<p>Milly Clark action shot</p>
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Milly Clark

Milly Clark

Athletics Schedule & Results

(Local) / 09:30 AM 14 Aug (Rio)
Women's Marathon

2:30:53 (18th)

Jemima Jelagat Sumgong (KEN)
Eunice Jepkirui Kirwa (BRN)
Mare Dibaba (ETH)

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Athlete Biography

Very new to the marathon scene, Milly Clark clocked an outstanding time of 2:29.07 in her major marathon debut to claim third place and a Rio qualifying time at the 2015 Amsterdam Marathon. Her run in Europe saw her move into the history books as the eighth fastest Australian female marathon runner of all time.

She spent time recently training at altitude for the first time in Flagstaff, USA as part of her Rio 2016 preparation.

Clark claimed a national 3000m steeplechase title in 2012 and set personal bests over distances from 800m to 5km on the road in 2013. In 2014 she ran her first half marathon in Sydney, and took out the prestigious Gold Coast half marathon title the same year. Confirming her potential for marathon success.

She moved overseas from Australia with my family when she was 11. She lived in Germany for two years, then moved again to Indonesia and finished high school. She moved to Sydney in 2010 and has a slight obsession with Pugs.

Clark used to be a sprinter! After high school - I was awarded a scholarship to attend Drake University for the 400m hurdles. I used to have strict 'one lap' policy - now she runs marathons...go figure! My Mum went to the World Championships and Commonwealth Games for Gymnastics

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Fast Facts

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Olympic Information

  • Rio 2016 will be Olympic debut

Recent Performances

  • 13th (half marathon) – 2016 IAAF World Half Marathon Champs (Cardiff, Wales)
  • 3rd (marathon) – 2015 Amsterdam Marathon (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • 1st (half marathon) – 2015 New Zealand Half Marathon (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • 6th (half marathon) – 2015 Oceania Championships (Gold Coast, Australia)
  • 1st (10,000m) – 2015 NSW State Championships (Sydney, Australia)

Career Highlights

  • 2015 Amsterdam Marathon - Third Place - Olympic Qualifier - 8th all-time Australian Performance (2:29:07)
  • 2016 World Half Marathon Championships, Cardiff - 13th Place - 9th all-time Australian Performance - PB (1:10:48)
  • 2014 - Zatopek:10 (National Championships) - 10,000m Track debut - 3rd 33:24


  • Primary
    Youngtown Primary School, TAS, Australia
  • Secondary
    Jakarta International School, Indonesia
  • Tertiary
    Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport) and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics - The University of Sydney (2010-2015)


  • Coach
    James Fitzgerald [2014 - Current]
  • Club
    Sydney University, NSW, Australia
  • Primary Training Base
    Sydney, Australia


I will never put a pair of shoes on the table. I also tend to "touch wood" quite often and am terrified of jinxing myself!
Favourite food
Rice: I grew up in Asia!
Favourite holiday destination
Amsterdam. My family and I went there when I was young, and I returned last year for my first marathon where I qualified for Rio. It holds a special place in my heart.
Favourite music
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dream car
Audi TT
Personal Motto
'Slow and Steady wins the Race'
Star Sign
I would spend my last $10 on
More than likely a treat for my pug!
I have a tattoo of a Phoenix on my back. I love the powerful symbolism and meaning behind the legend of the Phoenix. After the creature dies - it is reborn from the ashes to rise again. The legend resonates with me, as I experienced a number of challenges and set backs throughout my life. Sometimes related to running, and some not - but each time I endeavour to rise again, stronger than before. I also have a smaller anchor, four leaf clover and hummingbird drawn together as one picture on my ribs.
If I could try another Olympic sport it would be
Most Inspiring Olympic Performance?
Although I was not there to see her, my Aunt - Elizabeth Jack - has been my Olympic inspiration since I was very young. She went to the 1976 Games in Montreal as an athlete on the Diving team. She is an incredible woman, having been to three Olympics: once as an athlete - once as a coach - and once as an admin for Sydney 2000. I am extremely proud to follow in her footsteps and be a part of my family.
First Olympic Memory?
Watching the 1996 Atlanta athletics at home with my Dad - at the time we were cheering for Lauren Hewitt!
Most Influential person in your career/life
My brother - David. I believe that the experiences and lessons we learn growing up ultimately shape the people we become. We relied so much on one another growing up - and I always looked to him to share my secrets and stories with. He encouraged and inspired me more than anyone when we were younger - and I would not trade our life experiences for anything else.