Martin Marinov

Martin Marinov

Canoe/Kayak - Sprint Schedule & Results

(Local) / 09:14 AM 20 Aug (Rio)
Men's Canoe Double 1000m Final B

4:10.238 (2nd)


(Local) / 10:29 AM 19 Aug (Rio)
Men's Canoe Double 1000m Semifinal 2

4:13.754 (5th)


(Local) / 09:21 AM 19 Aug (Rio)
Men's Canoe Double 1000m Heat 1

4:07.372 (4th)


(Local) / 09:00 AM 16 Aug (Rio)
Men's Canoe Single 1000m Final B

4:15.524 (7th)

(Local) / 10:30 AM 15 Aug (Rio)
Men's Canoe Single 1000m Semifinal 1

4:24.723 (7th)

(Local) / 09:00 AM 15 Aug (Rio)
Men's Canoe Single 1000m Heat 1

4:33.166 (6th)

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Athlete Biography

At 49 years-old, Rio 2016 will be Martin Marinov’s fifth Olympic Games as an athlete. After only deciding to attempt to qualify a few months before the Trials he upstaged his younger competitors and will contest the C2 1000m with Ferenc Szekszardi.

He also won the C1 1000m race-off at the 2016 National Sprint Championships in Perth in February, however will not contest this event at the Games as he coaches a Chinese athlete who is competing in this event (opposite days to the C2). Rio will be his third Games as a coach.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Marinov started his canoe career three-decades ago. He won two Olympic bronze medals for his native country at the Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 Games, along with five world championship medals between 1987 and 1997. After migrating to Australia in the late 1990s, he went on to represent Australia at the 2004 Athens Games where he placed 10th in the C1 500m event.

He was the head coach of the Australian flatwater team for the 2008 Beijing Games. Of the 11 qualified athletes, three medals were won including one gold (Ken Wallace). Following Beijing he was appointed the AIS Canoe/Kayak National Head Coach and was the Head Coach at the 2012 London Games with more gold success with the men’s K4.

Marinov was crowned ‘Mr. Bulgaria’ in 1993 and has two children; his son Georgi and daughter, Maria-Veronika.

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Fast Facts

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Olympic Information

  • 1988 Seoul – 3rd (C1 500m) 1992 Barcelona – 3rd (C2 500m) 1996 Atlanta – 4th (C2 1000), 5th (C2 500) 2004 Athens – 10th (C1 500m)

Recent Performances

  • 1st (C1 1000) – 2016 National Sprint Championships (Perth, Australia)
  • 1st (C2 1000) – 2016 National Sprint Championships (Perth, Australia)
  • 2nd (C1 1000) – 2016 Oceania Championships (Adelaide, Australia)
  • 2nd (C2 1000) – 2016 Oceania Championships (Adelaide, Australia)

Career Highlights

  • 1988 - Bronze Medal Olympic Games Seoul
  • 1992 - Bronze Medal Olympic Games Barcelona
  • 1987 - Silver Medal World Championships C1 1000m


  • Primary
    Sofia - Bulgaria
  • Secondary
    Sofia - Bulgaria
  • Tertiary
    Masters degree - National Sports Academy - Sofia Bulgaria


  • Coach
    Myself (1995 - current)
  • Club
    Varsity Lakes Paddlers club
  • Primary Training Base
    Shanghai China
  • Secondary Training Base
    Sofia Bulgaria; Gold Coast Australia


I am not a football player
Favourite food
Everything fried
Favourite holiday destination
Tropical islands
Favourite music
Any good music
Dream car
With 4 weels
Personal Motto
If many people can do something - I am not interested to do the same. God will help me to achieve everything I need in my life. Just believe and do it.
Star Sign
I would spend my last $10 on
Presents for my family
I am not a football player
If I could try another Olympic sport it would be
Most Inspiring Olympic Performance?
First Olympic Memory?
1980 - Final C1 1000m
Most Influential person in your career/life
My father
Why this sport?
It is difficult enough and not many people can do it