<h5>Synchronised swimming Team 2016</h5>
<p>Synchronised swimming Team 2016</p>
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Danielle Kettlewell

Danielle Kettlewell

Synchronised Swimming Schedule & Results

(Local) / 12:00 PM 19 Aug (Rio)
Teams Free Routine

75.4333 (8th)

Russian Federation (RUS)
People's Republic of China (CHN)
Japan (JPN)

(Local) / 01:00 PM 18 Aug (Rio)
Teams Technical Routine

74.0667 (8th)

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Athlete Biography

Making her Olympic debut in Rio, Danielle Kettlewell was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada to Australian parents

Kettlewell took up the sport at age eight after her mother made her take up classes. She retired from swimming competitively at age 18 but continued to be involved recreationally.

In October 2013 she suffered a bad concussion which forced her to drop out of university, but then only one month later and one day after her 21st birthday she discovered she could relocate to Australia with the once in a lifetime opportunity to try out of for the National Team. She has been a part of the team for the past three years.

She was part of the World Championships team in July 2015 which qualified Australia for the Rio Games. The now Perth-based athlete spent most of her synchronised swimming career competing in Vancouver with the Vancouver Pacific Wave. Kettlewell is well travelled, having been to every continent besides South America.

She counts her favourite Olympic memory as watching the Sydney 2000 Games with her family.

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Fast Facts

Olympic Information

  • Rio 2016 will be Olympic debut

Career Highlights

  • Getting the opportunity to come, try out and compete on the Australian National Synchro Team after I thought my career was finished. It has been such an honour to swim for Australia.
  • Being the first Australian team to contest for our Olympic Spot and WIN against New Zealand in World Championships in Kazan 2015. We competed 2nd and NZ competed 22nd, we sat in the warm up pool and watched their swim on the Megatron. We all held hands and I felt like I was going to vomit for the entire 4 minutes they swam. As they finished, got out and waited for their marks I could barely watch. They needed above 75. to beat us, their score came up; 72. We all started screaming and jumping and crying. A few other teammates and I instantly started sobbing, heaving in joyous tears. It was all a blur, hugging everyone and crying and more crying. It was the most raw, beautiful, happiest and best moment I've ever had in my life. That was our 'Gold Medal,' we got there, we get to go to the Olympic Games!!!!!


  • Primary
    St. Augustine's (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Secondary
    Little Flower Academy (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Tertiary
    1/2 Through Art History Degree - University of British Columbia (2011-)


  • Coach
    Synchronized Swimming
  • Club
    West Coast Splash, Perth, WA
  • Institute/Academy
  • Primary Training Base
    Perth, WA
  • Secondary Training Base
    Canberra (AIS), ACT


Personal Motto
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretsky
Star Sign
I would spend my last $10 on
Give it to someone else
First Olympic Memory?
Sitting in Canada and proudly watching the Sydney 2000 Olympics with my family
Why this sport?
Synchro inspires me to live and be the best I can possibly be. I hope through my swimming that I can inspire someone else to do what is his or her passion.